There comes a time when filing for bankruptcy is the only option you have. Bankruptcy is a way to find relief by eliminating debt and stopping creditors from continuously calling and knocking on your door.

The stress and strain of financial difficulties should not stop you from making the right decision. You need to take action fast by approaching a bankruptcy lawyer to help you start over.

We are a debt relief agency that helps people file for financial relief under the Bankruptcy Code.

Is hiring a bankruptcy attorney always the right choice?

It is possible to file for bankruptcy without the help of an attorney. However, it is recommended that you hire a bankruptcy lawyer when filing for a number of reasons.

First, your Gravis Law bankruptcy attorney will ensure that the filing is done correctly and without delay. This will, in turn, hasten the process and finalize everything sooner rather than later. You need relief now, not later! Plus, the longer it takes to navigate the legal system the more interest is added to your debt and the more payments you will ultimately make.

Bankruptcy lawyers help their clients get the most benefit after filing for bankruptcy.

For instance, is it better to attempt to “save your home” from inclusion in the bankruptcy filings, or not?

What are the repercussions of deciding either way? It can be difficult, if not impossible for you to know the actual answers to these types of questions – unless you consult a lawyer.

Working with a bankruptcy lawyer reduces the risk of unknowingly committing fraud.

If there are errors in your paperwork that you fail to notice and rectify before filing, they may end up causing detrimental consequences down the road. You can even be charged with committing a felony because of some slight mistakes you made during the filing process.

You are better to hire an attorney and not risk destroying your record.

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