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You and your partner may have decided that your marriage is unsalvageable, and that divorce or legal separation is your only option.

We know that divorce can be messy, time consuming and complicated with serious, long-term impacts, both emotionally and financially. When you hire a family law lawyer with Gravis Law you gain access to experienced and compassionate lawyers that can help you make choices, simplify the legal process, and provide the support you need to get through it, so you can take care of yourself and your family.

What does the divorce or legal separation process look like?

At Gravis Law, our goal is to get you through the legal process as smoothly as possible. The first step is a consultation. Not everyone needs to hire a lawyer and we will provide clear guidance and options when we talk. Here is a roadmap of what the divorce or legal separation process might look like:


Deciding when to separate may not be as simple as moving out. It is best done with competent legal advice, since recovering from a misstep may be difficult. Also, when filing paperwork with the court, a “date of separation” must be stated. This date has significant implications, but it is not always clear if or when a couple has “separated.”

File a Petition

A Petition is the document that begins the process of divorce or legal separation.  This is where you tell the court how you want your property and financial assets to be divided, how time with your children should be shared, and how your children (and perhaps you) should be supported. Every court has its own requirements for filing documents or forms. Some courts provide assistance with filling out forms, but none are permitted to give legal advice. Only a licensed legal professional can provide legal advice.

Notify the spouse

The Constitution of the United States (specifically, the 14th Amendment), guarantees each person “Due Process”. That means “notice and a reasonable opportunity to be heard”.  This can be as simple as having an unrelated adult hand documents to your spouse and then filing a document saying so with the court. It can also be as complicated as getting the court’s permission and then publishing a notice in a newspaper. Part of our job as your lawyer is to make sure that your spouse is notified in a way that the court will accept.

Interim Hearing(s)

When spouses cannot agree, their case will be on its way to a trial that will likely take months (or years) to happen. Many cases require one or more interim hearings where a judicial officer will make temporary decisions on things like who lives in the home, how much time each parent will have with the children, how much financial support will be provided, and who will pay the monthly debts.


This is the best (but often the hardest) way to resolve any family law issue, divorce or otherwise. Because the majority of cases settle well before a trial, you want to hire a lawyer that is skilled and experienced with the many ways to get to an agreement. You also want someone who can help you be effective in your communication with your spouse.


Preparing for a trial is breathtakingly expensive. The end result is a set of decisions by a judge who knows nothing about you or your family except what each of you, the witnesses and the lawyers said in court. The judge gets to decide who to believe and what documents to consider. If your case goes to trial, your lawyer should be well prepared to present all of the documents and testimony that supports your side of the case. Your lawyer should also continue to negotiate with the other side on your behalf. Gravis Law family lawyers are skilled at both being in the courtroom and keeping you out of it.

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