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Child Custody and Child Support

Child Custody Attorney

Looking for a child custody attorney?

First of all, situations that involve arguing or battling over children can quickly become emotional, complicated and time consuming. Therefore, we strive to offer clients a resolution-focused approach. Our Gravis custody attorneys aim to help you achieve your goals while making it less complicated. Most importantly, we don’t want to see our clients, or their children agonize. This is why we are here - to help you protect your rights and the wellbeing of your children.

Secondly, we know that in these situations there can often be animosity between you and the other parent, which makes agreeing on a custody and visitation rights difficult. Therefore, if you've recently separated and curious about the basic types of custody, we are here to answer your questions. In addition, we can help you if you have open cases that need to be revised. Above all, we promise you can find the help you need with one of our experienced family attorneys.

How is custody determined?

Family courts determine child custody arrangements based on the best interests of the child. The deciding factors in this decision include:

  • First, the parents ability to provide and take care of the child
  • Second, the parents desire to care for the child
  • Third, the emotional bond and relationship between the child and both of the parents
  • Fourth, the best interest of the child in regard to moving if necessary
  • Additionally, if the child is old enough (ages vary state to state) they can have a say in who they choose to live with

Many cases adults who have raised a child will be asked by the court to intervene. Particularly, those cases with heated and highly emotional disputes. The most important thing is to focus on establishing a plan for your child.

Furthermore, a great family lawyer can help you beyond saving you from the pain of this process. Moreover, an attorney will put your children's interests first and be prepared for complicated issues. Finally, an attorney will also be confident in the courtroom with your case, with child support, and help negotiate with the other spouse and lawyer.

Find a Child Support Attorney Near You

One of our experienced Gravis custody lawyers can help negotiate that your spouse pays a sufficient amount or ensures that you don’t overpay. With our professionals at your side, you will be able take care of the support issues, ensuring the terms are fair.

Come visit us at Gravis Law. Our knowledge of family law will provide you with the quality, personalized counsel and representation you need. We look forward to assisting you through your divorce, making it as painless and uncomplicated as possible.

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