Criminal Defense for Violent Crimes

You Deserve a Skilled & Experienced Violent Crime Defense Team!

If you're accused of a violent crime, you could be facing years in prison or a life sentence.

You should want the best possible criminal defense attorney on your side.

Common Violent Crime Charges






Sexual Assault





Everyone accused of a crime deserves compassionate and capable representation. We are committed to protecting you – protecting your rights and your freedom. You will need an aggressive legal defense team to fight against the violent crime charges brought against you.

The criminal defense lawyers at Gravis can help you by:

  • Thoroughly investigating your case
  • Finding flaws and contradictions in the prosecution's allegations
  • Finding proof in your favor
  • Using our experience to create the best legal strategy for you
  • Advising you on plea bargain offers from the prosecution
  • Using our knowledge of the relevant laws and precedents to challenge evidence and otherwise defend you

Free Violent Crimes consultation: We are ready to help you today.  That help consists of our innovative team-based approach to law that leverages our substantial, combined knowledge, skills, and support for your defense.

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