Real Estate Attorneys

Real Estate Law

Oftentimes, legal jargon can be confusing when it comes to what type of attorney an individual needs to sort out their real estate needs. It's common for a client to believe that their attorney should be a "real estate" attorney, but attorneys who practice business law and civil disputes often handle law reflecting real estate in both transaction and litigation scenarios.

Purchase and Sale Agreements

A real estate purchase or sale agreement isn't just copied and pasted; but includes many important decisions you'll want to make about price, timing, contingencies and more.

Commercial and Residential Leases

There are not many inherit protections when it comes to lease agreements, so an improperly drafted agreement could cost you.

Licenses and Easements

Licenses, Leases and Easements can all be somewhat confusing, as they all involve the use of someone else’s land.

Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Have you been the victim of a violation of an agreement from a landlord or a tenant of your own?

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