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Protection Orders

Protection Orders – We Care About Your Safety.

When relationships become dangerous and involve life threatening behavior, it is necessary to take quick action to protect yourself or an individual from their partner. These cases call for protection orders, sometimes referred to as restraining orders. Protection or restraining orders give the victim the permission to call the police and have the abuser arrested if they break the order. At Gravis, we have deep care for our clients and we want to support you through this process with quick, compassionate, trusted and experienced care.

In certain cases when police encounter a domestic violence situation they are allowed to authorize an emergency protection order (EPO). This is a short-term order that can last three to seven days and is given to the victim by the police. If this is your situation, Gravis Attorneys can help you put a long-term protection order in place.

Conditions of a long-term protection order can include:

  • No Contact Provision: Prohibiting the abuser from contacting the victim in any form, including in person, by phone or by mail.
  • Peaceful Contact Provision: Permitting the abuser to peacefully communicate with the victim for limited reasons, usually child related.
  • Stay Away Provision: Ordering the abuser to stay a certain distance from the victim's home.
  • Move Out Provision: Requiring the abuser to move out of a shared home.
  • Firearm Provision: Requiring the abuser to surrender any firearms he or she possesses.
  • Counseling Provision: Ordering the abuser to attend a counseling program.

Protection orders are not limited to spouses but also include children, family members, roommates or romantic partners. Some states allow that pets are to be protected by the same order.

We want to help support you throughout this entire process from filing a petition to representing you in court. Each state has different ways of going about this process, but we have experience and are happy to navigate you through.

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