Practice Area

Job Title


Joshua Bam

Attorney | Richland, WA

Charles Bauer

Managing Attorney | Boise, ID

Paul H. Beattie

Senior Litigation Attorney | Seattle, WA / Richland, WA

Malia Bento

Senior Paralegal | Spokane, WA

Jeanne Betzendorfer

Senior Attorney | Tacoma, WA

Carmen Blanco

Paralegal | Kennewick, WA

Allan R. Bosch

Senior Attorney | Boise, ID

Kayla Boyd

Payroll Supervisor | Remote – Tennessee

Jacob Allen Bredt

Associate Attorney | Richland, WA

Margaret Brost

Of Counsel | Olympia, WA

Karla Brown

Training and Development Specialist | Richland, WA

Dalton Cannon

Law Clerk | Richland, WA

Isabel D. Cervantes

Business Law Paralegal | Whitefish, MT

Alyssa Chapman

Senior Paralegal | Richland, WA

Bianca Chavez

G-Commerce Specialist 2 | Richland, WA

Bil Childress

Attorney | Spokane, WA

Emmy Christy

Client Service Specialist | Boise, ID

Samuel Clopton

Senior Software Engineer | Richland, WA

Herb Collingridge

Senior Creative | Richland, WA

Thomas A. Cowan

Of-Counsel | Richland, WA

Hannah Davies

Paralegal | Whitefish, MT

Marissa Davison

Senior Paralegal | Richland, WA

Erin J. Dickerson

Associate Attorney | Orem, UT

Benjamin Dow

Attorney | Richland, WA

Erik-Anthony Gerard Duncan

Legal Assistant | Tacoma, WA

Gina Duncan

Senior Attorney | Tacoma, WA

Jade Duran

Legal Operations Specialist | Spokane, WA

Terri Durham

Senior Paralegal | Richland, WA

Jennifer Filla

Senior Attorney | Colorado Springs, CO

Michelle Finch

Managing Attorney | Boise, ID / Kalispell, MT

Bergen Finch

Project Manager | Remote - Great Falls, MT

Richard Forman

Corporate Counsel | Richland, WA

Amy Friers

Paralegal | Orem, UT

Penelope S. Gaffney

Attorney | Boise, ID

Benjamin Goodey

Senior Attorney | Kennewick, WA

Margret Grace

Senior Paralegal | Tacoma, WA

Allison Grissom

Administrative Assistant / Paralegal | Boise, ID

Brian Grubb

Senior Attorney | Remote - New Orleans, LA

Aiyanna M. Gutema

Paralegal | Tacoma, WA

Cindy L. Hale

Senior Paralegal | Boise, ID

William L. Hames

Of-Counsel Attorney | Kennewick, WA

Chelsea Hammer

Paralegal | Olympia, WA

Carol Hansen

Sr. Paralegal | Kennewick, WA

Kristina Haugen

Systems Analyst | Olympia, WA

Jonas J. Hemenway

Attorney | Spokane, WA

Kaylee Henderson

Client Relations Specialist | Knoxville, Tennessee

Mecqué Hess

Paralegal | Kennewick, WA

Jeffrey M. Heutmaker

Managing Attorney | Whitefish, MT | Kalispell, MT

Justin Hines

Senior Data Analyst | Remote

Kelly L. R. Horness

Paralegal | Muskegon, MI

Catherine Houts

File Clerk/Office Administrator | Boise, ID

Andrew John Howard

Attorney | Boise, ID

Doug M. Hughes

Managing Attorney | Muskegon, MI

Tenia Hul

Paralegal | Seattle, WA

Jason Allan Jenkins

Social Security Disability Attorney | Spokane, WA

Matt Johnson

Senior Managing Attorney | Dayton, WA

Derek Johnson

Associate General Counsel | Richland, WA

Randi L. Johnson

Chief Communications Officer | Spokane, WA

John M. Karafa

Attorney | Muskegon, MI

James P. Kaufman

Attorney | Boise, ID

Martin Ray Kilmer

Chief Operating Officer | Remote, Colorado

Adam Kitz

Associate Attorney | Spokane, WA

Ryan Lambert

Senior Attorney | Orem, UT

Asa LaMusga

Chief Performance Officer | Richland, WA

Tyler Lloyd

Attorney | Spokane, WA

Jonathan Phillip Lloyd

Data Analyst | Richland, WA

Heather A. Lowe

Senior Attorney | Metro Boston, MA

Amber Macki

Director of Legal Operations | Olympia, WA

Pat Madigan

Director Business Law Operations | Boise/Eagle

Paola Maya

Client Services Coordinator | Medellín, Colombia

Enrika L.F. McGahan

Associate Attorney | Muskegon, MI

Christopher J. Mercado

Senior Attorney | Seattle, WA

David Morris

Client Services Director | Spokane, WA

Mary Kate Moss

Attorney, Principal | Kalispell, MT

Richard Nelson

Legal Assistant | Richland, WA

Devin O’Donnell

Attorney | Whitefish, MT | Kallispell, MT

John W. O’Leary

Senior Attorney | Kennewick, WA

Reuben J. Ortega

Of Counsel | Seattle, WA / Boise, ID

Cassandra M. Peña

Attorney | Remote - Richland, WA

Mike Pogue

Principal | Sun Valley and Boise ID

Anamaria Restrepo Posso

Client Service Coordinator | Richland, WA

Stephanie Pruitt

Legal Assistant | Kalispell, MT

Kristy Roagers

Director of Human Resources | Remote

Kasey Ann Rose

Legal Assistant | Muskegon, MI

Rebecca Saitz

Attorney | Richland, WA

Tara Sawin

Paralegal | Boise, Idaho

Timothy Shaffer

Associate Attorney | Kalispell, MT

Stephen Sennett

Chief Risk and Compliance Officer | Boise, ID

Irina Shkurat

Client Services Coordinator | Richland

Katherine Sierra-Kelly

Senior Managing Attorney | Richland, WA

Karen L. Silva

Senior Attorney | Boise, ID

Debbie Smith

Senior Paralegal | Kennewick, WA

Anisa Solso

Operations Generalist | Remote

Laura Spiering

Legal Assistant | Boise, ID

Brett Spooner

Chief Executive Officer / President | Richland, WA

Melissa Stones-Smith

Attorney | Kalispell, MT

Jake A. Sweeten

Senior Attorney | Emmett, ID

Neal G. Taylor

Senior Attorney | Richland, WA

Austin Theis

Associate Family Law Attorney | Olympia, WA

Margarita Esquivel Torres

Associate Attorney | Spokane, WA

Destini Townsend

Family Law Paralegal | Kalispell, MT

Morgan Berentsen

Office Administrator | Kalispell, MT

Dulce Valencia

Paralegal | Richland, WA

Alexis Vandrey

Associate Attorney | Boise, ID

Joseph Weakley

Senior Software Developer | Richland WA

Abdul-Khader Maher Welaye

Technology Operations Manager | Remote

Paul Willett

Senior Attorney | Tacoma, WA

Jill M. Williamson

Managing Attorney | Remote - Seattle, WA

Lisa Woods

Paralegal | Boise, ID

Christopher C. Young

Senior Attorney | Bozeman, MT

Stephen S. Zimowski

Senior Attorney
Intellectual Property Law | Hartford, CT

Mark Zocher

Chief Technology Officer |