Jacob Allen Bredt

Associate Attorney

Richland, WA


Raised in Richland, Jacob Bredt is a confident and skillful Associate Attorney driven by a passion for helping individuals build businesses around their passions. He takes immense satisfaction in guiding aspiring entrepreneurs through the complexities of the legal landscape to turn their dreams into successful ventures. By providing comprehensive legal support, he aims to foster innovation and economic growth while ensuring entrepreneurs can focus on what they love doing, ultimately contributing to a thriving business environment and making a positive impact on society. 

Jacob primarily works in business law but also assists in real estate transactions. He strives to provide his clients with the best guidance through complex legal issues. As a legal professional, he is committed to ensuring that his clients receive the utmost support and representation, as well as feel empowered to navigate challenging legal situations with confidence and clarity. Knowing that he can make a tangible difference in their success and well-being is what drives his passion and fuels his determination to excel in his practice. 

Beyond practicing law, he goes the extra mile to help his clients create a business that their employees and customers love to be a part of. Understanding that a successful business goes beyond legal compliance, he strives to provide comprehensive support that fosters a positive and thriving work environment. By offering strategic advice and practical insights, he assists his clients in building a strong company culture that values their employees’ well-being and growth, ultimately leading to increased productivity and employee satisfaction. 

In addition, he works closely with his clients to ensure their business practices align with the highest ethical standards and customer-centric values, resulting in a loyal customer base and positive brand reputation. His proudest professional accomplishment so far has been his ability to drive significant positive change for his clients. 

As for his favorite thing about the legal industry, it’s the flexibility it offers and the incredible potential for a positive impact. Whether it’s helping clients overcome legal challenges, advocating for their rights, or supporting them in achieving their goals, being able to contribute positively to their well-being and success brings Jacob great joy and a sense of purpose.

Outside of work, Jacob enjoys spending quality time outdoors with his wife and dog. He also likes exploring, wine tasting, and golfing. 

  • Business: Blockchain/Cryptocurrency
  • Business: Construction Law & Real Estate Development
  • Business: Contract Law
  • Business: Data Privacy/Security
  • Business: Employment, Labor, Benefits
  • Business: Entity Formation/Dissolution
  • Business: General Counsel
  • Business: Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business: Non-Profit
  • Business: Partnership
  • Business: Registered Agent
  • Business: Securities Law & Raising Capital
  • Business: Trade Secrets
  • Business: Transactional Real Estate
  • B.A., Political Science, Criminal Justice, Washington State University
  • J.D., University of Idaho
  • Washington State Bar Association

The key to success, in my opinion, lies in finding a delicate balance between understanding what a client wants and determining the most effective path to achieve their objectives. It involves actively listening to clients' needs, goals, and concerns while drawing on my expertise to devise well-informed strategies. I can tailor my approach to suit their unique circumstances by fostering open communication and collaboration with clients, ensuring a personalized and effective solution. Emphasizing this harmony between clients' desires and the most suitable methods allows me to consistently achieve successful outcomes and build strong, lasting relationships with those I serve.