Charles Bauer

Managing Attorney

Boise, ID


Raised in Moscow, Idaho, Charles Bauer is a skilled Managing Attorney specializing in family law. To date, he has argued nearly 20 appeals before the Idaho Supreme Court involving a broad range of family law issues, including child custody and relocation of children, interstate custody, divorce, and community property questions.

Charles’s evolution into this practice sprouted from an interest in how the law affects people’s lives. Whether a client needs a listening ear or a resource beyond the legal system, he is there to help. His servant-leader mentality led him to become an adjunct instructor at the law school level in the field of family law for several years, which he calls one of his proudest professional achievements. 

When Charles is away from the office, he enjoys all things music, skiing, traveling with family, and keeping up with friends. He is also involved in the community and holds various titles, including Former Chair of the Idaho State Bar Family Law Section, Board Member and Chair of Hays Shelter Home, and Board Member and Chairman of Opera Idaho. 

For the last 30 years, he has also written articles and lectured on family law topics and issues for the Idaho State Bar’s Continuing Legal Education programs and other seminar sponsors.

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10.0Charles Berg Bauer

  • Family Law: Adoption
  • Family Law: Child Support
  • Family Law: Collaborative Law
  • Family Law: Custody & Visitation
  • Family Law: Dissolution/Divorce
  • Family Law: Emancipation
  • Family Law: Enforcement Actions
  • Family Law: Juvenile Dependency
  • Family Law: Minor Guardianships
  • Family Law: Modification/Relocation
  • Family Law: Name Changes
  • Family Law: Paternity
  • Family Law: Pre/Post Nuptial Agreements
  • Family Law: Step Parent Adoptions
  • Family Law: Terminations
  • B.A., Principia College, 1976
  • J.D., University of Idaho College of Law, 1979
  • Idaho State Bar Association, 1979
  • Washington State Bar Association, 1982
  •  1. Pottenger v Charlton, 172 Idaho 154, 530 P.3d 701 (2023)—examines lower court’s failure to properly account for father’s violation of prior child custody judgment in awarding custody, trial court reversed on direct appeal to the Idaho Supreme Court.
  • 2. Swanson v Swanson (not reported) 2021 WL 3235288 (2021)---Trial Court’s division of community property reversed and remanded, attorney fee award vacated.
  • 3. Rodriguez v Rodriguez, 150 Idaho 614, 249 P.3d 413 (2011)---First appellate decision to reconsider prior barring modification of custody if a parent violated financial obligations of decree.
  • 4. Doe I v. Doe II, 148 Idaho 713, 228 P.3d 980 (2010)---termination of parental rights reversed, Father in sexual abuse treatment program did not willfully fail to maintain normal parental relationship.
  • 5. Brownson v Allen, 134 Idaho 60, 995 P.2d 830 (2000)---examines the legal standard of substantial and material change required for modification of child custody.
  • 6. Doe v Doe, 149 Idaho 669, 239 P.3d 774 (2010)—examines child custody decision based on recommendation of custody expert.
  • 7. Mackowiak v Harris, 146 Idaho 864, 204 P.3d 504 (2009)—examines whether child support should be reinstated after incarceration of father.
  • 8. Bartosz v Jones, 146 Idaho 449, 197 P.3d 310 (2008)---Examines Idaho’s standards for relocation of children.
  • 9. State v Hart, 142 Idaho 721, 132 P.3d 1249 (2006)---Examines standards for equal custody over distance of 500 miles, automatic reversion (change) of custody when child reaches school age.
  • 10. Lieurance-Ross v Ross, 142 Idaho 536, 129 P.3d 1285 (2006)---trial court’s refusal to allow disabled father to have joint custody reversed; award of attorneys fees against disabled father, also reversed.
  • 11. Silsby v Kepner, 140 Idaho 410, 95 P.3d 28 (2004)—Court of Appeals decision reversed by Idaho Supreme Court with clarification of child support guidelines relating to child tax credits, and definition of “clerical error” under the law. 
  • 12. Weiland v Ruppel, 139 Idaho 122, 122 WL 1969357 (2003)—examines relocation law of Idaho which allows courts to condition custody on requiring a parent to remain in Idaho.
  • 13. Henderson v Smith, 128 Idaho 444, 915 P.2d 6 (1996)---Affirms paternity and retroactive child support judgment against father who had denied responsibility for many years for child born out of wedlock.
  • 10.0 Avvo Rating
  • Award of Distinction, Family Law Section, 2018
  • AV Rating, Martingale-Hubbell/LexisNexis Legal Directory (the Highest Rating an Attorney Can Receive)
  • Best Probate Attorneys in Boise, Expertise, 2020
  • Super Lawyers, Thomson Reuters, 2024

The usual---discipline, hard work, and commitment to service are essential---but also, for me, an ideal of what the law should be is equally important.