Samuel Clopton

Senior Software Engineer

Richland, WA


Phone: (509) 380-9102

About Samuel Clopton

Sam Clopton is a Senor Software Developer at Gravis Law, PLLC. A native of Kennewick, Washington, Mr. Clopton has been working as a professional Software Engineer since 2008 and studied Computer Science at Washington State University Tri-Cities. Following his education, he has worked at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, Wildland Labs, and Managed Squared as an Engineer, and specializes in system design, and software integration.

During his free time, you’ll find him outdoors spending time with his family, where during the summer months he’ll be riding his skateboard, playing soccer, hiking, and camping. During the winter and early spring, you’ll find him spending most of his spare time in the mountains snowboarding. He’s also known to roast his own coffee beans, brew his own beer, and ferment his own vinegar.