Unwanted texting and cell phone contact litigation (TCPA).

Did you know that it is illegal for a company to contact you using an auto dialer system and/or pre-recorded message on your cellular phone either by calling or texting you without your prior consent?

Consumers often have credit card, medical, student loan, mortgage, or other debt issues and are being contacted on their cellular phone about the debt, even though they never provided their cell phone information, or have since told the caller to stop calling them.  Most consumers are completely unaware that these calls are in violation of their rights and that they may be entitled to statutory damages of $500 per violation or $1,500 for each willful or knowing violation.

Some examples of TCPA violations include:

  • Calling someone's residence (landline) using an artificial voice or pre-recording
  • Any call using an automated telephone system or an artificial or pre-recorded message to a cellular telephone without prior consent of the individual
  • Sending unsolicited advertising faxes
  • Sending unsolicited SMS text messages

Hire a Gravis Consumer Protection Attorney.

If you are receiving text messages or phone calls by any organization that is trying to solicit you or, are being contacted on your cellular phone by a debt collector or anyone you owe money to, you may have a claim under the TCPA.

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