Sandra Mendoza


Richland, WA


Phone: 509-846-7325

About Sandra Mendoza

Sandra grew up in Mattawa, Washington where she was raised with her six sisters and four brothers. Sandra is a first – generation graduate, she received her bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice from Washington State University in May 2018. During her time at WSU, she interned for the Federal Defenders of Eastern WA and Idaho. Shortly after graduating WSU, she worked as a Private Investigator for Franklin County’s Office of Public Defense. Sandra has advocated for clients in various areas of law including criminal, personal injury and now, family law. Sandra comes from a very close family, which is why she finds it fulfilling to empower those who are facing family crises. Sandra’s primary language is Spanish, she finds great satisfaction when she is able translate and interpret for clients. Outside of work, Sandra enjoys cooking and spending time with her family and friends.