Margaret Brost

Of Counsel

Olympia, WA


Raised in Germany until moving to the U.S. at age 5, Margaret Brost is Of Counsel at Gravis Law, where she strives to teach people how the legal system works and how to be effective within that context. A certified Business and Executive Coach, Margaret has always wanted to be of service. She is passionate about helping people move forward in their lives and offers clear thinking, smart strategies, and effective solutions.

Margaret is passionate about her field because of the potential to make a positive difference in how families, and especially children, come out of what can be the worst time of their lives. Whether she is helping a dad stay relevant in his children’s lives, obtaining a reasonable maintenance award, dividing assets fairly, or navigating a high-conflict custody case, she does all she can to stop the conflict and achieve peace. Sometimes, that means being reasonable and practical. Sometimes, it means aggressive litigation, especially when children are at risk of harm. Sometimes, it means coaching behind the scenes, helping someone complete a “do-it-yourself” divorce, or providing a second opinion. Often, it means thinking outside the box – her favorite mode of problem-solving.

Margaret started her professional career in nursing and continued to military social work before a 10-year management career in a large telecommunications company. She has worked as a family counselor, mental health social worker, drug/alcohol specialist, Guardian ad Litem, line and staff manager, and a business and professional coach. She is a Vietnam veteran with a soft spot in her heart for veterans and military families.

Margaret was also once a law clerk to Gerry Alexander while he was at the Court of Appeals in Tacoma and then opened her law practice, Brost Law, above the Budd Bay Café in 1991. She solved family law problems for 28 years in her own firm before joining Gravis as the Olympia Branch Managing Attorney. As a trained mediator with advanced degrees in Counseling and Executive Coaching, she looks for solutions that keep people out of the courtroom.

So far, Margaret’s proudest professional achievement has been successfully advocating in the Supreme Court of Washington for the establishment of criteria that should be considered by the courts when asked to modify or terminate a domestic violence order. 

She enjoys helping self-representing parties manage their own family law cases, developing strategies for clients who need full representation, and working collaboratively with both clients and her team in complex cases that require the involvement of mental health or substance abuse professionals. 

In her free time, Margaret operates a small coaching practice and volunteers with SCORE as a business coach. She is also a certified Forest Therapy Guide and connects people to the healing power of nature. Margaret also loves traveling, hiking, eating, art, and interesting people. She just finished the first draft of a book and has started the process of getting it published. In addition, she works with United Way, the International Human Learning Resources Network (IHLRN), and the Washington Community Forestry Council.



8.1Margaret H. Brost

  • Business
  • B.A., Nazareth College
  • MEd, University of Southern California
  • J.D., Seattle University
  • Washington State Bar Association, 1990
  • Chehalis Tribal Court, 1992
  • U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington, 1992
  • U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Washington, 1994
  • U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, 2002
  • Marriage of Freeman, 169 Wash.2d 664,239 P.3d 557, 2010
  • Marriage of Barber, 106 Wn. App. 390, 2001
  • Marriage of Kollmer, 73 Wn. App. 373, 1994
  • Successful Small Firms, Washington State Bar Association, 2015
  • 8.0 Avvo Rating

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