Konrad Andechs Beattie

Gravis Law Intern

Richland, WA

Business Law, Contracts, Estates and Probate, Staff, Tax

Phone: 425-295-9766

About Konrad Andechs Beattie

My name is Konrad Beattie. I am interning at Gravis Law for the Summer of 2022. I am attending Law School at the University of Idaho in Moscow, and I obtained my BA at the University of Minnesota in Minneapolis. Most of my childhood was in Washington State in Yakima, and then Snoqualmie. I am a family-orientated person, with four siblings, three brothers, and a sister. My father is an attorney who works at Gravis. I too am interested in practicing law. I value a good work ethic and dignity, while simultaneously enjoying life, and interacting with others in a positive, good-natured manner. Law is an interesting field with many different areas to practice, and it’s also a fundamental aspect of society. I find the law to be a nice balance between being a scholarly yet practical pursuit, which is where a lot of my interest comes from. Looking forward to meeting others at Gravis!