Cheyenne Brown

Junior Accountant

Richland, WA


Phone: 509-380-9102

About Cheyenne Brown

Cheyenne Brown is a Richland native who graduated from Hanford High School in 2008. She took a detour to San Francisco, where she lived with her husband and daughter, to work with software start ups focused on improving quality of life, safety, and improving small businesses outreach. The experience ingrained a passion for small business and local outreach, which led her back to Richland where she is completing her Bachelor of Science in Accounting with the help of her four cats.

While away from the office, Mrs. Brown spends her time as a training coordinator and board member for “A New Start In Life”, a nonprofit located in the Tri-Cities area, who offers services to homeless individuals and houses young adults completing high school. Any spare moments are left for reading science fiction and fantasy, grilling whatever she can get her hands on, and playing boardgames with her friends and family. When the stars align, she can be found camping far outside of cell service.