Andrew Mateskon



Contracts, Estates and Probate

Phone: (231) 727-2107

About Andrew Mateskon

Andrew is an estate planning and probate attorney in West Michigan and Northern Michigan. His goal is to act as a steward of Michigan’s beautiful land, people, and resources by helping clients with estate planning, business planning, property law, and probate court. He treats each person with dignity and respect by recognizing the nobility in each person – who each has their own struggles and difficulties yet is out there changing the world anyways. Andrew came to practice law through a desire to help farmers. He has a small farm where he and his children love to tend to turkeys, hogs, and ducks. He also enjoys photographing plants and mushrooms in Michigan’s vast forests, or spending days on the beaches of Lake Michigan. Andrew will make the law clear and understandable so that you can protect your legacy. He loves to answer questions about the law, agriculture, or mycology, so please don’t hesitate to reach out for a chat.