Lexi Vandrey

Associate Attorney

Boise, ID


Raised in Boise, Alexis (Lexi) Vandrey is a compassionate and accomplished attorney specializing in family law. From a young age, Lexi was drawn to the legal industry as she witnessed the positive impact it could have on people’s lives. She saw it as an opportunity to advocate for individuals and families during their most challenging times.

Lexi’s passion lies in family law, a practice area that allows her to make a real difference. With firsthand experience of parents who were never married and the absence of custody battles, Lexi has a deep understanding of the complexities and emotional dynamics involved. Her goal is to provide unwavering support to her clients, offering them perspective and guidance while always keeping the best interests of the children at the forefront.

Beyond her legal expertise, Lexi is a personable and empathetic communicator. She understands that the challenges her clients face extend beyond the courtroom, and she is there to listen, support, and encourage them in every aspect of their journey. Lexi believes that effective communication is the cornerstone of building strong relationships and achieving positive outcomes.

Driven by a desire to make a lasting impact, Lexi has set her sights on becoming a leading advocate for mediation and alternative dispute resolution. She recognizes the importance of these approaches, especially in an environment like Idaho, where resources in this area are lacking. Through continuous professional development and training, Lexi aims to broaden her skills and offer her clients the most effective and compassionate legal solutions.

In addition to her legal pursuits, Lexi finds joy in her personal hobbies. She is an avid reader and a runner who cherishes quality time and dinners with her family. Lexi actively supports causes related to domestic violence resources, and she is dedicated to making a positive change in her community.

  • Family Law
  • Gonzaga University
  • DePaul College of Law
  • Illinois State Bar Association, 2021
  • Idaho State Bar Association, 2023