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At Gravis Law, PLLC, our goal is to provide tailored legal services for our clients across the nation, including right here in Yakima, WA. Ultimately, we alleviate the stress of legal challenges by making the law affordable, accessible, and uncomplicated.

Yakima, WA Law Office

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If you have experienced an immediate loss of income, a reduction in income, or you have incurred unexpected expenses and you are not sure how to pay them, read on for more information about your bankruptcy options.

Criminal Law

A criminal defense lawyer will defend you against a prosecutor working for the state, a public agency, or a plaintiff. 

Family Law

Our experienced and compassionate Washington family law and divorce attorneys understand your family’s needs. We work to help you resolve your family’s issues allowing families to heal and move on.

Social Security

Let the attorneys with Gravis Law, PLLC make Social Security Disability Claims and Appeals a headache-free process for you.

Gravis Law: Invested in our communities.

We serve people and communities across the nation by providing accessible and uncomplicated access to world-class legal services.

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