Don’t Wait on Your Estate:
Remote Phone Consults

At Gravis we make it easy.

Having an Estate Plan saves your family a lot of headache and money in the future, but we know it can seem like a hassle to get started. At Gravis, we have made it so easy you don’t even have to leave your own home, utilizing remote options such as phone consultations and video conferences. Get started on your estate with just a 30 minute call where our Estate Lawyers listen to your estate needs, answer your questions, and prepare a plan of action for you. The initial consult is free, and the completion of your estate is a flat fee that will prepared for you at the initial consult.

Your initial remote consult call is FREE.

Let’s take advantage of our time at home to check some items in your to-do list, like your estate plan.

If you do not finish the checklist prior to your consult, we can always discuss anything left outstanding during the consult.

This is what you can expect:

  • A phone or web video conference consult set up by a Gravis Estate attorney.
  • An overview of your estate needs.
  • A quote of the flat-fee your estate will cost to complete
  • An opportunity to ask any of your estate questions.

We know the world is complicated right now with the Coronavirus (COVID-19), but we promise to continue making your legal experience uncomplicated by offering remote or phone consults.

Utilizing remote options such as phone consultations and video conferences allows easy access to the legal services you need, without the hassle or risk of leaving your home or office.