Gravis Law, PLLC Welcomes Skilled Family Law Attorney Jessica M. Wani to Phoenix-metro Offices

Scottsdale, Ariz. – Apr. 24, 2024 – Gravis Law, PLLC proudly announces the addition of Jessica M. Wani to its expanding family law practice in Arizona, serving the Phoenix-metro area. With a passion for advocacy and a commitment to client well-being, Wani brings a wealth of experience and compassion to her role as a family law attorney.  

Wani is known for her unique approach to family law. She considers her clients' overall well-being as she develops legal strategies for healing, growth, and happiness. Her clients describe her as a compassionate problem-solver and active listener, making her a valuable asset to the Gravis Law team.  

"From an early age, I developed a strong passion for justice and advocacy," says Wani. I believe that navigating divorce and separation doesn't have to be a solo journey. My goal is to work with clients to develop holistic legal strategies for separations, divorces, co-parenting plans, and more."  

Wani's dedication to family law is not only a profession but a calling. Her commitment to reshaping how we approach family law is clearly reflected in her impressive track record with clients. When asked about her innovative approach, Wani said, "I acknowledge the inevitability of judicial involvement in resolving certain family law issues, and in such cases, I collaborate with clients to exhaust all avenues for achieving the best possible outcomes. I also acknowledge the growing preference among families and clients for alternative solutions that empower them to retain control over crucial decisions impacting their financial well-being and children, rather than deferring to the courts."  

Wani is currently engaged in the development of toolkits and resources designed to assist her family law clients resolve their legal issues without going to court, while optimizing client costs and ensuring efficient progress in their case. 

Before joining Gravis, Wani played a pivotal role in managing research and programmatic initiatives at Arizona State University, where she received several prestigious recognitions, including the publication of her work in the Journal of Law, Medicine, and Ethics, and the ASU President's Award for Innovation. These accolades are a testament to her expertise and commitment to utilizing innovative and nontraditional policy and legal strategies to make a difference in the lives of everyday Arizonans. 

"We are excited to welcome Jessica to Gravis along with expanding our legal services in Arizona to include family law," said Randi Johnson, Chief Engagement Officer. "Her comprehensive approach to serving her clients with empathetic problem solving and her genuine compassion for their overall well-being while they navigate often challenging life changes is what truly sets her apart and aligns perfectly with our goal at Gravis to deliver world-class uncomplicated legal services."  

Outside of her legal practice, Wani enjoys spending quality time with her children, hiking with her dog, and giving back to the community. She has a long history of volunteerism in her neighborhood schools. Most recently, she has volunteered to run for the volunteer position on the governing board of her local school district. 

Gravis Law is thrilled to welcome Wani to its Arizona office. The firm looks forward to her contributions to the family law practice with confidence that her unique approach and dedication will further advance the firm's ability to serve the Scottsdale, Mesa, and greater Phoenix-Metro community. 


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