Gravis Law, PLLC Announces Upcoming Feature on The Balancing Act

Balancing Act

RICHLAND, WA June 3, 2024--- Gravis Law, PLLC, widely recognized for its commitment to providing accessible legal services through its motto "Law Uncomplicated," is proud to announce that esteemed attorneys, Jonas Hemenway and Michelle Finch, were invited to be interviewed on the nationally syndicated morning show, The Balancing Act on June 10th. This presents a significant opportunity for Gravis Law to share valuable insights on estate planning with a broad audience, addressing the complexities of the subject in a clear and approachable manner. 

Estate planning often overwhelms many families and individuals. However, Hemenway and Finch, drawing upon their extensive experience in the legal field and passion for service, are determined to uncomplicate this crucial topic. They will provide expert advice and insights on a variety of different estate planning topics such as elder law, special needs estate planning, and more to offer peace of mind for families navigating estate planning. 

Finch is known for her advocacy, compassion and dedication to her clients’ interests and goals. She recognizes that legal issues involving family members are personal and can be emotionally charged and works to resolve the issues at hand outside of the courtroom when possible. In cases where resolution is not possible without the court's help, Michelle advocates for her clients in contested family law, guardianship, conservatorship, probate and trust cases in Montana and Idaho. Finch is a member of the Montana State Bar, Family Law Section, and BETTR Law Section; the Idaho State Bar Trust, Taxation and Probate Section; the Idaho Supreme Court’s Guardianship and Conservatorship Committee; the Idaho Guardianship and Fiduciary Association; the National Association of Elder Law Attorneys; the NW Montana Estate Planning Council; and the Idaho State Bar, Family Law Section. 

Hemenway is an attorney with extensive experience in estate planning, including wills, trusts, probate and trust estate administration, elder law, tax planning, charitable gifts, veteran’s benefits, Medicaid, and guardianships. Throughout his legal career, Hemenway has strived to make the practice of law approachable and understandable to his clients. Hemenway prides himself on providing clear and concise guidance to help clients make essential decisions, such as how affairs should be handled in the event of incapacitation. Hemenway is licensed to practice law in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. He serves on the Planned Giving Advisory Committee for the Spokane Neighborhood Action Partners organization (SNAP) and is President-Elect of the Washington Academy of Elder Law Attorneys. He also gives his time to local religious and charitable organizations. He has volunteered for the Boy Scouts of America and the Alzheimer’s Association, and he has provided pro bono legal counsel through various senior and community centers. 

The Balancing Act is a nationally syndicated morning show that has been airing on Lifetime TV for over 20 years. Hosts Montel Williams and Olga Villaverde cover various topics that inform and entertain viewers with solutions to everyday problems to make their lives easier. As the program's name suggests, the content caters to the modern viewer's busy lifestyle. It presents topics that add value to every aspect of their life, from parenting tips, recipes, style makeovers, and guidance from experts on health and finance. Bringing Hemenway and Finch to discuss an essential topic such as estate planning aligned perfectly with The Balancing Act’s goal to provide informative content.  

"We wanted to cover the topic of planning for the future with estate planning since it is something everyone should address at some point," Jeanne Kelly, Supervising Producer of The Balancing Act, said. There are so many complexities with estate planning, so we knew we needed to bring on experts to help break down some of these concepts. We are excited to welcome Jonas and Michelle to share their wisdom to help families understand how they can begin to find solutions for their legacy planning with confidence." 

Randi Johnson, Chief Engagement Officer at Gravis Law, PLLC, expressed her excitement about this collaboration. "We are thrilled to be a part of The Balancing Act, a show that aligns with our mission to make complex subject matter accessible to all,” Johnson said. “Jonas and Michelle possess an exceptional ability to break down complex legal topics into understandable terms. This feature presents an excellent opportunity for us to expand our reach and help families comprehend the significance of estate planning." 

Gravis Law, PLLC, provides simple and accessible legal services, ensuring estate planning becomes more comprehensible for families. 


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