Succession Planning


Why Join Gravis?

The Gravis team understands the challenges associated with solo and small law firms. Consider our centralized digital marketing team, powerful administrative staff, and a healthy competition with other firms. We have the power to get you back to doing what you do best: practicing law.


Thomspon Reuters 2017 State of U.S. Small Law Firms

Acquiring new client business:

Gravis offers a centralized Digital Marketing Team that will take much of the responsibility of keeping a practice pipeline full which allows the attorney to stay focused on meeting their clients’ needs.


Spending too much time on administrative tasks:

Gravis offers a centralized back office team which reduces an attorney’s time on non-billable tasks from 40% to 8%, increasing billable time by 32%.


No succession plan for their practice:

73% of solos and small law firms do not have a succession plan. Gravis law offers these practices an opportunity to plan a short- or long-term transition & succession plan for themselves and their clients on their own time.


Competition from other firms:

Gravis offers the benefits of a larger consolidated firm with experienced attorneys in a broad area of specialized practice areas which provides a better cost benefit for the clients and better service, as well as trained support staff to help manage clients’ needs and expectations.

Attorney Testimonials

“In my practice, I have had the opportunity to represent clients whom I respect and enjoy. We have worked to achieve their goals as effectively and efficiently as possible. Gravis Law takes the same approach to serving its clients. My association with Gravis law will provide additional resources to meet client needs in a professional and thoughtful manner.”

-Tom Cowan / Richland, WA

“Before transitioning my practice into Gravis Law, I had been in a solo and small firm practice for over 20+ years. When Gravis had offered me the efficiencies, processes and centralized office systems which would allow me to focus my time on actually practicing law and meeting my clients’ needs, the choice was clear. I thoroughly enjoy the attorney work flextime which is the perfect work life balance.”

-Michelle Finch / Boise, ID

“As a solo practitioner I would often refer my clients to other attorneys when they had needs in practice areas I did not cover. As a member of the Gravis team I am able to provide my clients a full-service experience to address all their legal needs under one roof. Having run my own firm and worked in a number of others over the years, I have been really impressed with the way Gravis Law as a business is managed.”

-Patrick Galloway / Kennewick, WA

“Coming from a solo practice, the idea that I could focus more time on my clients’ needs and less time on the office administration and accounting tasks sounded like the perfect match for me. Gravis’ high-tech efficiency team processes as well as the centralized communications and scheduling, allows me the time to give my clients the full-service they need and expect. The Gravis digital marketing team helps manages my pipeline of new client business as I grow my practice in new markets. ”

-Sara M. Herr-Waldroup / Spokane, WA

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