Entrepreneurial Package

$250.00/ Month – $3,000.00/Annual

This package is aimed at business owners and businesses as a going concern. Businesses that opt for this package will likely be involved with a few annual contracts, some requiring only review and modification, others requiring complete drafting or redrafting of documents.

The main focus will be guiding a new business owner through what is required to continue to develop a successful business through consultations, office hours, and scheduled training sessions.

Services Offered

  • All Registered Agent Plus Services
    • Registered Agent Service
    • Annual Report Service
    • Online Minute Book
    • Online Documents
    • Annual Reminder Services
  • 50% Reduced Price for Entity Formation
  • 30 Pages of Contract Services
  • 2 Annual; One-Hour Specific Topic Training or Business Negotiations/Transactions
  • Access to Open Office Hours
  • Any Additional Services at a Rate of $160.00/hour

Estimated Value: $7,000.00

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