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A Collaborative Alternative to Traditional Divorce Litigation

Arguing over issues involving your children can become messy and time consuming. We offer you a resolution-focused approach to dealing with issues involving children so you can achieve your goals cheaply and with as little conflict as possible. At Gravis, we’re here to help you protect your rights and ensure the wellbeing of your children.

Coming to an agreement which fits both the parents’ and children’s needs can be difficult, especially if there’s animosity between you and the other parent. Whether you’ve recently separated and are looking to learn the basics about child custody or have had an open case for years and need a parenting plan modification due to life changes, Gravis Law can help you navigate that process.

In most states, the “best interest of the child” is the standard which governs the determination of visitation for the parents. In addition to this factor, courts will also look at a number of other factors including the parents’ desire and ability to care for a child the emotional bond between the child and each parent, the adjustment which might be needed should the primary residential parent decide to relocate with the child, and if old enough, the child’s wishes.

Often, parties to a child custody action will be required to participate in mediation unless there is a history of domestic violence which would undermine the security of any party. In mediation you can discuss any issues you have had about the other parent such as problems at exchanges of he child. In addition, often settlement at that mediation is the intended goal. If a settlement is not obtained, this leaves the matter in the judge’s hands. Most likely, the outcome will be a parenting plan which neither party agrees is best for their particular situation or children.


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