Startup isn't just another town in Washington State.

At Gravis Law, PLLC, one of our goals is to help small business entrepreneurs and start-up companies quickly and comfortably get through the legal process of starting a business. This includes a free consultation followed by a discussion of a flat-rate fee package tailored to your individual business goals for setting up Single or Multimember LLC's or Corporate structures.

After some initial fact gathering, we will discuss your individual business needs. Some options we include in our flat-rate fee packages include discussion about which entity will best fit your business goals and tax situation; filing articles of incorporation with the Secretary of State; filing of state and city business licenses; drafting your business’s governing documents (bylaws, operating agreements, buy/sell agreements); and plans for capitalization of your new business.


We have experience bringing these businesses from concept to reality:

  • Game Development
  • Breweries
  • Distilleries
  • Payroll Services
  • Medical Billing Services
  • Software Development


When you start an online business, there are hundreds of questions that need answering. How much money do you really need to start a business? How do you register it with the government? How do you build a website? Who’s your target customer, and what tactics and messaging should you use to reach them? You’ll quickly find that coming up with the idea for a new business is the easy part. Actually executing on that idea is where it gets interesting.

Everyone wants more visitors, more qualified leads, and more revenue. But starting a business isn’t one of those "if you build it, they will come" situations. In order to build a successful company, you’ll need to create and fine-tune a business plan, assess your finances, complete all the legal paperwork, pick your partners, choose the best tools and systems to help you get your marketing and sales off the ground … and a whole lot more.

Start your business the right way

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