Cannabis Industry Workers: What Happens If You Get Pulled Over with the Product?

If you get pulled over for possession of marijuana while working in the industry, what should you do?

In May 2021, Montana enacted a recreational marijuana law allowing the sale of recreational marijuana in certain counties. Recreational marijuana users will now have freer access to their substance of choice, but at the same time, law enforcement will be looking for offenders — whether illegal dealers or simply those driving under the influence or possessing more than the legally allowable amount of marijuana in their vehicles.

Legalizing marijuana in a state means, inevitably, someone will have to drive the product somewhere. However, under the U.S. Constitution, federal laws outweigh state laws. And federal laws carry heavy penalties for transporting marijuana and other drugs. So, what’s a cannabis transporter to do?

If you are found to be carrying marijuana, marijuana products, or marijuana paraphernalia in your vehicle for the purpose of delivering or selling it illegally, the Montana Highway Patrol is aggressive. They can seize your products, property (such as your car and even your house), and cash.

If you are transporting cannabis products legally, as an employee of a marijuana licensee, there are rules you must follow. For example, you must display your employee badge and show the required manifests indicating where the marijuana came from, where it is going, and how much of it there is.