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Attorney for Protection Orders in Sun Valley.

When relationships become dangerous, or even life threatening, quick action is needed. Our experienced and compassionate attorneys in Sun Valley will move quickly to obtain a protective order on your behalf.

Also known as a restraining order or personal protection order, these protective orders serve to give notice to the threatening individual regarding what sort of interactions they are, and are not, allowed to have with you. If they violate the protective order in any way, the police are then authorized to take swift action to ensure your continued safety.

Filing for a Protection Order.

At Gravis Law in Sun Valley, we care deeply for our clients. We will support you and advocate fiercely for your safety throughout the protective order process. To begin the process, we will confidentially collect from you all the information that led you to fear for your safety, along with any supporting evidence you may have such as photographs, text messages, or social media posts. We will then quickly move to put together a protective order petition and have it review by a Judge as soon as possible. If you have minor children who you believe are also at risk, our attorneys can extend the protective order petition to cover them as well

It should also be noted that protective orders are not limited to being issued against spouses. Protective orders can also be issued against family members, acquaintances, roommates, or romantic partners when necessary to ensure your safety.

Defending a Protection Order

Our experienced attorneys are also well versed in defending against frivolous or malicious requests for Protection Orders. Tragically, people sometimes abuse the court system to make false or misleading allegations to keep innocent people away from their family members and loved ones, or even to give themselves a tactical advantage in a court proceeding like a divorce.

If someone is seeking a Protection Order against you based on false information, our experienced and compassionate attorneys can help you defend against the allegations.

Terms of a Court Ordered Protection Order can include:

No Contact Provision: A no contact order can be far reaching and prohibit your abuser from having any form of contact with you including, but not limited to, in person contact, phone or text contact, email contact, and even social media contact.

Peaceful Contact Provision: In some circumstances, a small amount of contact between you and the individual the protective order is against may need to happen. This is often the case when the parties to the protective order share a child. A properly drafted protective order can ensure the only allowable communications or contact is that which is specifically related to the health or wellbeing of the child, or a parenting time exchange. All other contact will be strictly prohibited.

Distancing Provision: Some protective orders will require the restrained person to maintain a minimum distance from you, your home, or your workplace in an effort to further ensure your safety.

Move Out Provision: If you are currently sharing a home with the individual who is threatening your safety, a protective order can require them to immediately vacate the premises.

Firearm Provision: Many times, if a credible threat of violence is present, the court can order the individual you are filing against to temporarily surrender any firearms they may have in their possession and can also order they not be allowed to purchase any new firearms.

Counseling Provision: In some situations, when a protective order is issued the Judge will include a provision requiring the Defendant to attend some sort of counseling program. Proof of attendance will be required.

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If you find yourself in a position where you need to petition for, or defended against, a Protection Order, one of our knowledgeable protection order attorneys at Gravis Law in Sun Valley can help. Please call to schedule a consultation. We look forward to helping make things as painless and uncomplicated as possible.

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