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Hire a Trademark Attorney in Olympia, WA to Register a Trademark the Uncomplicated Way.

At Gravis Law we know that trademark law in the United States is complicated due to the multiple layers of possible rights an owner may have in a trademark. Successfully registering a trademark at the federal level, for instance, may not ensure that you own all of the rights to the trademark. In the U.S., a trademark may be registered not only at the federal level but also within any of the 50 state governments.

Let a Gravis Trademark Lawyer Handle the Research.

As experienced trademark attorneys, we will check all possible sources when conducting your trademark search. This will provide you with as much assurance as possible that no one else owns the rights to your proposed trademark. Our Gravis trademark attorneys search the U.S. Government’s federal trademark database, databases in all 50 states, and common law databases to insure there will be no infringement.

Completing the Trademark Application.

A trademark application is a complicated legal document. If the application is not completed properly, the USPTO may refuse the application, or, a third party may later challenge the validity of the trademark registration. From search to approval our firm believes in giving each client the individual attention necessary during each phase of the application process to ensure the success of your trademark registration. If you have any questions about our trademark registration package please complete our contact form.

Come visit us at Gravis Law Olympia, we are located on the corner of Evergreen Park Drive and Lakeridge Way. We ensure that our experienced attorneys will review the search results and provide an opinion regarding the likelihood of success of the trademark application. We look forward to assisting you through the trademark process – making it as smooth and uncomplicated as possible so you can work on the things that matter to you.

With Gravis Law Olympia you can register your trademark the right way.

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