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Looking to Hire a Divorce Attorney in Palm Beach Gardens?

If so, at this point you and your partner have determined that your marriage is unsalvageable, and divorce is now your only option.

We know that divorce can be messy, time consuming and complicated with serious, long-term effects, both emotionally and legally. When you hire a divorce lawyer with Gravis Law in Palm Beach Gardens you gain access to experienced and compassionate lawyers that can help simplify the divorce process, offering the support you need while allowing you to take care of yourself and your family.

What does the divorce process look like?

At Gravis Law Palm Beach Gardens it is our goal to get you through the divorce process as smoothly as possible. We will start you out with a consultation and this is an outline of the steps you can expect from there:

  • Separation

    One spouse must move of the shared residence (separate bedrooms in the same house don’t count!

  • File a petition

    Appropriate forms must be completed and filed with the district court. Courts will not help with this process. This is also where shared property is divided.

  • Notify the spouse

    At this point your spouse must be notified and is served with the papers.

  • Temporary hearing

    In some cases, there may not be a trial for over a year. If this is the case there will be a temporary hearing to establish temporary child or spousal support, as well as the use of any shared items and accounts.

  • The Agreement

    One of the most painful pieces of divorce is agreeing on how to divide assets (property and debts) as well as child custody and spousal support. When you hire a divorce lawyer in the Palm Beach Gardens they can help with the negotiation in this process, especially if the other spouse has a lawyer of their own.

  • Trial

    Divorce in court can become a true battle. It is the divorce attorney’s job to win the case for the client and to seek the best interests of the client. The judge bases the final decision on the evidence presented by the lawyer and usually decides right away or within hours.

This process may not seem that long however, divorce can take enormous amounts of time and energy. The best choice is to hire a divorce lawyer with experience handling divorce cases and that can help advise you through the process, avoid mistakes, help reduce stress and speed up the process. Lastly, when you hire a divorce lawyer you can have the confidence that all of your wishes are being communicated correctly.

Find a Divorce Attorney near you in Palm Beach Gardens.

Find Gravis Law in Palm Beach Gardens. Our knowledge of Florida business law will provide you with the quality and personalized help and tools you need to start and grow your business. We look forward to assisting you through your business formation and beyond – making it as smooth and uncomplicated as possible so you can work on the things that matter to you.

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