How Do I Name a Guardian for My Children?

What happens to my children if I die before they are 18 years old? The answer is, they will be cared for by a guardian. You can decide before your death who that will be by nominating a guardian for any minor children in your last will and testament.

Identifying and nominating a guardian for minor children in the event of your death is the hardest part of estate planning for many parents. The idea that we have to decide who will provide the day-to-day care and supervision for our children if we should die is terrifying. Sometimes parents can’t agree on who that should be, and that’s ok.

Each parent has the right and ability to nominate the person they believe will provide the best care and support for their children if they die. Father may want to name his sister as guardian, Wife may want to name her parents as guardians. Through their individual last will and testament each parent can name the guardian and alternate guardian that they believe will provide the best care and is best suited to care for their children.