What To Expect from a Consultation at Gravis Law

Regardless of what brings you to contact a Boise family law attorney, feeling anxious about your initial meeting is normal. You likely have many worries and questions about your family law case and may even feel overwhelmed by your present circumstances.

Marital separation, divorce, and related issues are never simple. Finding an experienced family law attorney you feel comfortable with is a key first step to ensuring the process is manageable and fruitful.

Gravis Law is a seasoned Idaho family law firm that assists clients like you in Meridian, Boise, and nearby areas in navigating Idaho family law for the best possible outcomes. In your one-on-one phone consultation, you'll be able to decide if our Boise family law services are right for you without any pressure or commitment.

Preparing for Your Initial Consultation with a Divorce Attorney

The first meeting with a family law attorney in Idaho will vary based on your circumstances. Whether you are considering separation or divorce, or have questions about child support or custody laws in Idaho, the initial consultation is the right first step to take.

An experienced Idaho divorce lawyer can be helpful whether both parties are cooperating amicably to part ways or if there are more contentious issues around money, custody, and other sensitive topics.

Gravis Law specializes in divorce, child custody, child support, and more. In addition to assisting clients with the legal aspects of divorce in Idaho, we can help you prepare for mediation, settlement, evaluations, and litigation if needed.

The main goal of your first consultation is to get to know us and decide if you want to move forward together. During the initial consultation, you will be asked detailed questions. Try to answer those questions thoroughly and honestly for the best results.

During the first meeting, we will explain our services and any related costs going forward.

While some people find it useful to have their own list of questions for the initial consultation with their divorce lawyer, it is not required. As an experienced, skilled family law firm, we will guide the discussion, ask key questions, and listen carefully to your responses.

During the initial consultation, you will have a chance to discuss your situation and we will gather the information needed to evaluate your case.

How to Schedule a Consultation at Gravis Law

Scheduling a consultation with us has never been easier or more convenient. Just give us a call or reach out via email to be contacted for scheduling.

Learn more about how our Boise family law practice can help you make sense of Idaho family matter law and obtain the best possible outcome in your case.