Is Mediation the Right Option for You? Now offered at Gravis Law!

Family law mediation can be a very helpful tool for many married couples going through a divorce, especially when there are children involved. A mediation professional can assist both sides in a dispute to find solutions in a safe, respectful setting.

A divorce mediator serves as an impartial third party who enables people to come up with mutually agreeable resolutions to sensitive family law matters like child custody, spousal support, and child support payments, by facilitating understanding and exploring compromises.

While divorce mediation is not suitable for every couple getting a divorce, many find it useful. In fact, it is common for a judge to order people involved in a divorce case to participate in mediation to resolve disputes.

Gravis Law is an Idaho family law practice that provides mediation services to clients in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, and throughout the region.

Is Mediation Right for You?

When dealing with disputes during a divorce, there are numerous benefits to working with a seasoned divorce mediator, such as:

  • A divorce mediator facilitates resolving differences outside of court in a more relaxed and private setting.
  • Hiring a professional mediator can help avoid going to court for divorce proceedings, saving time and money.
  • Impartial third-party divorce mediators work to reach mutually satisfactory resolutions through calm discussions and constructive negotiations.
  • Frequently, child custody mediation and divorce mediation enable the parties to arrive at a settlement that is optimal for all involved, rather than having to accept an outcome imposed by the courts.
  • A divorce mediator can help reduce the emotional strain and stress of divorce.
  • Mediation promotes creative solutions that would otherwise be unattainable.
  • The conflict resolution abilities learned through family law mediation can be useful moving forward.
  • Mediation meetings are confidential and empower all parties involved.
    At Gravis Law, family law mediation services are offered in-person and via Zoom.

How Does Mediation Impact the Need for an Attorney?

Engaging a divorce mediator should not influence your choice to retain an Idaho divorce lawyer. Actually, many people going through a divorce often achieve great outcomes by collaborating with both a divorce attorney and a professional divorce mediator at the same time.

The job of a divorce mediator is not to substitute your divorce attorney but rather to serve as an impartial facilitator who can assist both parties in resolving any disputes that may come up during the divorce proceedings. As mentioned before, it's not unusual for a court to order mediation as part of the divorce process.

Can Mediators Help Solve Alimony and Child Custody Disputes?

Our family law mediator provides common mediation services for child custody, child support payments, and alimony. The mediator aims to resolve any disagreements over these and other matters so that both sides can reach a settlement that is satisfactory for everyone involved. Individuals going through a divorce should consult an attorney regarding the advantages of retaining a professional mediator as part of the proceedings. Whether you are thinking about filing for divorce or your spouse has already initiated divorce proceedings and you are prepared to move forward, get in touch with the skilled divorce and mediation specialists at Gravis Law today.