Gravis Law FAIR Committee

Dedicated to fairness, accountability, inclusion, and reform across the legal system.

FAIR: Making law uncomplicated, for all.

A dedicated committee of attorneys committed to Fairness, Accountability, Inclusion, and Reform (FAIR) in our communities. Our goal is to seek out, acknowledge, and take action to address disparities across the legal system. We pledge to support those who have historically been silenced in finding their voice and effectuating change.


Around the world citizens and allies are speaking out against systemic injustice. As lawyers, we commit to promoting the fair application of law and using this intricate system to benefit our clients. However, we recognize that this system was established, and has historically been used, to benefit some and disadvantage others.

Any form of racism and/or inequality within our justice system cannot be allowed and it is our duty to tirelessly work to make our communities a place where liberty and justice are truly for all. As a firm committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive environment, the continued unfair treatment of certain individuals is disturbing and cannot be tolerated. We must come together and take action to be part of the solution. Dismantling systemic racism in our country requires change. We are listening and we are learning.

Our first action: Listening to the needs of our communities.
The FAIR Committee wants to hear from you.

Gravis Law may be able to provide you/your organization with pro bono or reduced fee legal services. If you would like additional information about this opportunity, please enter your contact information and a member of our firm will reach out to determine if Gravis Law is able to assist further.