Why DIY Estate Planning Might Not Be Right for You

At Gravis Law, we understand you might think it's a good idea to plan your estate yourself to save money. However, estate planning involves many complicated legal processes and documents that each have specific rules. Trying to navigate all these complexities alone often leads to costly mistakes. Fortunately, our attorneys have nearly 20 years of estate planning experience. With us, you can feel confident your assets will be properly handled if something happens to you.

Creating a will seems simple, but can get very complex as your assets, contingencies, and recipients grow. Wills also need regular updates as life circumstances change. Our specialty is will and estate planning services, so we can provide expertise.

Trusts differ from wills in that they can have conditions on assets and be changeable or unchangeable. The latter offers some tax benefits. Our lawyers can explain trust options, so your assets go where intended.

While DIY estate planning appears economical initially, errors often creep in that can undermine the effectiveness of wills, trusts, and other documents. We'll work with you to avoid these mistakes, saving you time and hassle.

Caring for your family's future starts with estate planning now. Contact Gravis Law and let our team help you prepare for the road ahead!