When To Update Your Estate Plan

Gravis Law advises you to review and modify your estate plan whenever there is a significant change in your life. Doing this ensures all your possessions will be managed properly if anything happens to you. Our team of estate planning lawyers in Boise can assist you with updating your estate plan when required.

When Your Family Expands

If a marriage, birth, or adoption has increased the size of your family by one, congratulations! After celebrating, verify your estate plan includes your new family member. Whether you have a new spouse, child, or step-relative you get along with well, our estate planning services will ensure they are designated as beneficiaries.

When Your Family Decreases

A death or divorce in your family can also prompt an estate plan update. We recommend verifying none of your assets will go to people you do not want them to. Our team has experienced estate planning attorneys in Boise who specialize in modifying wills and navigating estate planning services. As a result, we can efficiently adjust your estate plan.

When Your Finances Change

Perhaps you finally got that long-awaited promotion or, even better, you won the lottery! In any case, a major change in your financial situation is a great reason to update your estate plan. Gravis Law can help ensure all your new assets are distributed according to your wishes in the future.

How To Update Your Estate Plan

Estate plans contain complex legal documents that can be difficult to understand on your own. When it's time to update your estate plan, it's best to leave it to professionals like us! We are well-versed in family estate planning, allowing us to update your estate plan with ease.

Work With Our Estate Planning Attorneys

It's always wise to verify your assets are accounted for in case something happens to you. To update your estate plan, contact Gravis Law today and let us help you prepare for the future.