"It is the small things, everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keeps the darkness at bay. Simple acts of love and kindness." - Gandalf (The Lord Of The Rings)

Richard Nelson


Richland, WA
Phone: 509-240-8200

Richard Nelson graduated from Richland High School in 2013 and Columbia Basin College with his Associates Degree in 2014. Shortly thereafter he left to serve a voluntary two-year service mission for his church in Puebla, Mexico where he became conversationally fluent in Spanish. Upon returning from his volunteer work in Mexico, he attended college at the Idaho campus of Brigham Young University, where he studied Business Management. While attending the University he met his lovely wife the semester before she graduated, where he convinced her to marry him. He graduated a year later in the winter of 2018. They moved back to the Tri-Cities the following year where they both began working.

Mr. Nelson in the youngest of 11 children, with huge age gaps making most of his siblings old enough to be his parents. He loves spending time with his nephews and nieces and the rest of his family. He is a huge nerd and has a massive collection of movies. He enjoys fantasy, sci-fi, and superhero movies the most and will talk your leg off if you get him started on one of those subjects. He spends a lot of his time with his wife either watching movies or binging tv shows or getting their exercise in as they walk playing Pokémon Go.

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