Kristy Roagers

Director of HR



Raised in Florida, Kristy Roagers stands as a Director of HR, radiating professionalism, confidence, and drive. With two decades of experience in HR, payroll, benefits, and compensation management, she brings a wealth of expertise to the table. Her proficiency extends to startups, strategic planning, and seamless integrations during mergers and acquisitions. 

Kristy’s entry into the legal industry was fueled by a genuine desire to help others. For her, the heart of her passion lies in the ever-evolving nature of HR. Constantly adapting to new laws, compliance regulations, and shifting employee expectations, she enjoys the challenge of staying ahead. She also likes the people aspect, recognizing that employees are the cornerstone of any organization. Being part of a culture that fosters their growth, aligning with the company’s mission and values, fuels her commitment.

Among her proudest achievements is successfully completing her bachelor’s degree while juggling a full-time job that demanded extensive travel, all while caring for her family. This remarkable feat attests to her determination and commitment to excellence.

What Kristy finds most rewarding in the industry is her ability to enact positive change in employees’ professional lives. She takes particular joy in engaging with new attorneys who serve clients, ensuring they are well-supported with competitive compensation and benefits. This enables them to focus on their legal practice and clients, thereby contributing to the firm’s success.

Outside of work, Kristy likes to spend quality time with her family outdoors by the lake, camping, or exploring the mountains.

  • B.S., Accounting, University of Arkansas Grantham

The key to success is clarity of purpose, a growth mindset, and courage.