Kristy Roagers

Director of Human Resources



Phone: 865-973-9628

About Kristy Roagers

Kristy was born in Winchester Tennessee, but grew up in Merritt Island, Florida.  In 2012, she moved to Knoxville Tennessee with her husband and three kids.

Kristy graduated with a BS Degree in Accounting from Grantham University, and brings 20 years’ experience in HR, Payroll, Benefits, and Compensation management. She is well seasoned in start-ups, planning and integrations with mergers and acquisitions.

Kristy is a challenge oriented, fun loving, roll up your sleeves type of person. She is always looking for ways to help teams improve processes and enjoys helping anywhere she can.

When Kristy is not working, she is enjoying the outdoors, camping, dirt biking, and jet skiing with her husband and three kids.