Joshua Bam

Senior Attorney

Richland, WA


Raised in South Africa, Joshua Bam is a professional and accomplished attorney, driven by a strong vision and an unwavering commitment to his clients’ success. With confidence and charisma, he navigates the legal landscape with a focus on achieving remarkable accomplishments. Joshua’s leadership is characterized by a servant mentality, always striving to make a positive impact in both his profession and the community.

Passionate about helping people realize their business goals, Joshua chose the legal industry to guide individuals through the complexities of rules and regulations. His specific practice areas allow him to work closely with entrepreneurs and visionaries. Joshua finds great fulfillment in assisting clients who are building businesses and bringing their innovative ideas to life. He works in a wide range of industries, from real estate to manufacturers, cannabis, food brokers, high-tech startups, business succession planning, and more.

Beyond practicing law, Joshua goes the extra mile to support his clients. He provides business strategy advice, serves as a trusted advisor, and invites them to networking events to make connections. He understands that success involves more than legal expertise; it requires a comprehensive approach that encompasses strategic guidance and genuine care for his clients’ well-being.

Joshua’s career goals revolve around building a robust legal practice with a dynamic team of colleagues who share his vision. As a Senior Attorney at Gravis, he takes pride in his role, collaborating with associates and paralegals to successfully close numerous legal projects. The ever-shifting nature of the industry fuels Joshua’s enthusiasm as he negotiates deals and witnesses the positive impact his work has on businesses and their employees.

In his leisure time, Joshua enjoys motorcycle riding, working on his bikes, traveling, and spending time with his children. He cherishes moments with his neighbors and takes regular walks to recharge his mind. An interesting fact about Joshua is his affection for his three Chiweenie dogs, whom he loves dearly despite not personally selecting them. Additionally, he maintains strong connections with his family in South Africa, nurturing a sense of cultural heritage and global awareness.

Joshua’s commitment extends beyond his professional and personal endeavors. He actively participates in pro bono work for non-profit organizations and engages in church and community outreach initiatives. He is dedicated to addressing causes such as homelessness and promoting access to legal services for all individuals.

Joshua Bam

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9.0Joshua Bam

  • Business: Construction Law & Real Estate Development
  • Business: Contract Law
  • Business: Entity Formation/Dissolution
  • Business: General Counsel
  • Business: Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Business: Non-Profit
  • Business: Partnership
  • Business: Registered Agent
  • Business: Securities Law & Raising Capital
  • Business: Trade Secrets
  • Business: Trademark/Copyright
  • Business: Transactional Real Estate
  • B.S., Journalism, Political Science, Oklahoma Christian University
  • J.D., Pennsylvania State University
  • Washington State Bar Association, 2013
  • Conducted the venture capital share purchase for a privately held company, with the most recent one being worth over $1MM to a med tech startup.
  • Supported buyers and sellers in various cannabis retail, processing, and production operation acquisitions, with a representative one being $5MM for a retail operation.
  • Supported many commercial real estate syndication transactions and closings, with the most recent one being worth $13MM.
  • Closed seed round with a web marketing tech startup and looking at a $3MM round shortly.
  • Facilitated a health provider practice purchase on the buyer side.
  • Did a $2MM startup round with a restaurant/beer hall around Seattle.
  • Supported cannabis social equity applications in WA and MA and helped structure financing.
  • Worked with cannabis businesses in IL, NJ, VT, MA, WA, and other states on financing, SOPs, applications, and otherwise, with the most recent deals being in NJ and VT for over $1MM.
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  • Rising Star, Super Lawyers, Thomson Reuters, 2022-2023

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