Jessica M. Wani

Senior Attorney

Mesa, AZ, Scottsdale, AZ


Jessica M. Wani is a skilled Arizona family law attorney who considers the client’s overall well-being when developing legal strategies for healing, growth, and happiness. Her clients describe her as a compassionate problem-solver and active listener.

From an early age, Jessica developed a strong passion for justice and aspired to become a lawyer to serve as an advocate for others. Jessica has channeled this passion for service and advocacy into her family law practice. She recognizes that divorce and separation can bring a mix of emotions, from grief and sadness to relief and joy. However, she wants her clients to know that navigating this next chapter of life doesn’t have to be a solo journey. Jessica works with her clients to develop a holistic plan to help navigate separations, divorces, co-parenting plans, and more. 

Her favorite thing about this practice area is having the opportunity to work with and support families. She also gets a sense of satisfaction from helping clients feel empowered to make choices and helping them achieve the best possible outcome in family law matters.

The achievements that hold the most value for her stem from the core motivations that led her to pursue a career in family law. She sees it as a privilege to facilitate the reunification of families and provide assistance in impactful ways.

When Jessica is not serving clients, she enjoys spending quality time with her kids, hiking with her dog, and volunteering in the community with a focus on supporting local public schools. She has spent the last decade volunteering in her community and in the Paradise Valley School District.

  • Family Law
  • B.A., Psychology, Boston University
  • J.D., Touro Law Center
  • State Bar of Arizona
  • State Bar of New York 
  • Ross HM, Bowman DM, Wani JM. Voluntary Registries to Support Improved Interaction Between Police and People Living with Dementia. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics. 2022;50(2):348-363. 10.1017/jme.2022.62
  • Jehn, Megan and Andino, Jean M. and Russell, Britney and Rana, Vraj and Akter, Sharmin and Creed, Marina A. and Sodhi, Harnoor and Holmes, Bailey and Palit, Tanya and Wani, Jessica and Wagstrom, Kristina, Effectiveness of Do-it-Yourself Air Cleaners in Reducing Exposure to Respiratory Aerosols in Us Classrooms: A Longitudinal Study of K-12 Schools. Available at SSRN: or
  • Presented Voluntary Registries in Policing at Arizona State University’s Sandra Day O’Connor Law School’s annual Conference on Governance of Emerging Technologies and Science in 2022
  • Presented ASU’s Clean Indoor Air Project in a 2022 White House Briefing for the Office of Science and Technology
  • Presented Deficiencies in New York’s Best Interest of the Child Statute as Applied to Cases Involving Domestic Abuse at the 2010 Suffolk County Executive Task Force to Prevent Family Violence symposium
  • Arizona State University’s President's Award in Innovation, 2022, Arizona State University 
  • Award Recipient for Advanced Persuasive Writing, 2010, CALI Excellence for the Future Award 
  • Award Recipient for Disability Law, 2010, CALI Excellence for the Future AwarAward Recipient for Sexual Orientation and the law, 2009, CALI Excellence for the Future Award 
  • Award Recipient for Not-for-Profit Corporation Clinic, 2009 


Actively listen to clients, and tailor strategies to address their unique goals, needs, and values.