"People with passion can change the world."
- Steve Jobs

Brett Spooner

Attorney at Law - Managing Partner

Richland, WA
Office: 509-380-9102

Brett Spooner is Managing Partner of Gravis Law, PLLC in Richland, WA where he specializes in Business law. Brett dedicates much of his time to the growth and expansion of small businesses and the entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Tri-Cities. He strives to provide innovative solutions for businesses faced with technological and legal challenges.

Mr. Spooner earned his law degree from Gonzaga University School of Law in 2013. At Gonzaga, he was the Vice President of the Society for Law and Business, which allowed him to organize joint entrepreneurial and startup efforts. While in law school he started a consulting company to provide software implementation, Cybersecurity, and process management procedures to law firms and banks.

He is currently President of a co-working space called Fuse, SPC, where one of Gravis Law, PLLC’s offices is located. He is on the Board of Directors for a non-profit organization created to serve the Tri-Cities entrepreneurial community called, State of Motion, and the Board of the Chamber of Commerce. Because he is passionate about spreading his knowledge in business with his community, he teaches about business law at both Launch University and Fuse. He has also co-hosted three annual Start-Up weekends to help new businesses grow.

Mr. Spooner’s ultimate goal is to make the law more accessible to businesses. He is a serial entrepreneur himself and seeks to achieve a healthy balance between real world business experience and the legal profession. To achieve this balance, he is engaged in multiple business endeavors including a solar-powered distillery and numerous software companies.

When Mr. Spooner is not immersed in the business community of the Tri-Cities, he spends time with his wife and daughters. He enjoys mountain biking, hunting, golf, and writing science fiction. He dreams of a downtown Richland and a unified Tri-Cities produced, in part, by his business law efforts.

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