Startup Package

Let's get down to brass tax.

$400.00/ Month - $4,800.00/Annual.

This package is aimed at businesses that foresee dealing with multiple annual contracts. All services provided under the prior two packages are included in this Startup Package. The annual training courses increase from two per year to three per year. The contract services that we offer increase to accommodate more complex contracts, too. We anticipate your business’ drafting needs as opposed to relying on revisions and modifications to tailor complex contacts.

In addition to increased contract services, we offer our clients an additional flat fee service each year as determined at the annual consultation.

Services Offered.

  • All Registered Agent Plus Services
    • Registered Agent Service
    • Annual Report Service
    • Online Minute Book
    • Online Documents
    • Annual Reminder Services
  • Discount on initial incorporation including bylaws and shareholder agreements as required
  • An additional 50% Reduced Price for any additional Entity Formation needed in future
  • 50 Pages of Contract Services
  • 3 Annual; One Hour Specific Topic Trainings or Business Negotiations/Transactions
  • Access to Open Office Hours or Personalized Set of Office Sessions
  • Any Additional Services at $160.00/hour
  • Included Flat Service: trademark, intellectual property agreement, employee handbook, employment agreement, one year tax controversy, purchase and sale agreement

If you are looking into contract services, contact us and we will put you in touch with one of our lawyers for business startups and they will be happy to help.

With Gravis Law you can start your business the right way.

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