Rustic Rosebud Hits the Big Time at the Carousel of Dreams

Rustic Rosebud Signs Logo

Rustic Rosebud owner, Heather, is a Kennewick local and wife/mother of two. She is the mastermind behind the custom, freehand, and hand lettered pieces with an honest and sometimes hilarious, flair. She cuts, assembles, paints, stains, and letters the authentic wood signs and apparel, which are then sold in her online store, and most recently, at her new pop-up shop at the Carousel of Dreams.

Heather came to Gravis Law looking for online terms and ecommerce policies, which are now live on her website and have made online sales much easier. Heather needed the extra security of knowing her terms of service, privacy policy, and eCommerce policy were in line with both her business beliefs, as well as what she could feasibly provide to her clients.

Now that both her website and her newest in-person endeavors are in full swing, Heather can concentrate on what she does best: create!

For more information on the Rustic Rosebud or to purchase one of Heather’s pieces, visit her website, here. Also, be on the lookout for her newest digs at the Carousel of Dreams in Kennewick, here.

By: Claire Cox and Joshua Bam

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