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Many individuals wonder what the benefits of applying for their United States Citizenship are? The truth is, the value of U.S. Citizenship is priceless.

Family Based Petitions

For several U.S. Citizens or Legal Permanent Residents, being able to petition for a family member to enter and remain in the United States is a priority.

DACA Renewal

The DACA program opened the door for many young, educated immigrants to obtain a valid social security number and work permit in the U.S.


In some cases, people who are applying to enter or obtain legal status in the U.S. may be considered inadmissible under U.S. immigration laws.

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Breaking barriers and keeping families together

Let our compassionate and experienced immigration attorneys help you overcome the obstacles and challenges threatening to separate your family.

Our immigration attorneys know how confusing Immigration regulations and policies can be and will work with you to seek positive and lasting solutions for you and your family.

All conversations are confidential, and we offer payment plans for our services.

Whether you are seeking to help a family member gain citizenship status, trying to renew your existing status, or becoming a citizen yourself, our compassionate Immigration attorneys have the experience to obtain the best results for you.

The most common practice areas of immigration law include:

  • Family-based petitions
  • Residency renewals
  • DACA renewals
  • Naturalization (citizenship for adults and for minors)
  • Waivers
  • Consular processing

¿Qué tipos de casos de inmigración toma nuestra oficina? Los tipos de casos que aceptamos incluyen, pero no son limitados a:

  • Peticiones familiares
  • Residencia permanente (y renovaciones)
  • Renovaciones de DACA (acción deferida)
  • Cuidadania (para adultos y menores)
  • Trámite de perdón
  • Proceso consular

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