Lilac City Law Joins Gravis Law, PLLC. Now Offering Social Security Disability Services

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By Gravis Law

Spokane, WA. (November 2, 2020) – Gravis Law, PLLC is pleased to announce that attorney Randi Johnson and her staff at Lilac City Law have joined Gravis Law in its Spokane, Washington office location.   This addition allows Gravis Law to now represent clients in Social Security Disability (which includes Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income) matters across all the communities that Gravis Law serves (currently 14 offices across 5 states — Washington, Idaho, Montana, Michigan, and Florida).

Ms. Johnson and her team are an exciting addition to Gravis Law for many reasons, including the wealth of knowledge that they bring in the Social Security Disability practice areas. Ms. Johnson has represented clients in SSDI/SSI matters in thirty-nine (39) different States as well as Puerto Rico, and she has handled over 1,500 Social Security hearings. Ms. Johnson has experience handling a wide range of matters in the Social Security Disability realm, from initial applications through appeals at the Federal District Court level. Since 2007, Ms. Johnson has advocated on behalf of persons with disabilities in their claims for Service-Connected Veterans benefits, SSDI, and SSI benefits.

Ms. Johnson identified as one of the reasons that she joined Gravis Law was that her values aligned with Gravis Law’s mission, vision, and values — which includes serving people and communities across the nation by providing accessible and uncomplicated access to world-class legal services.  Ms. Johnson stated:

“We’ve heard time and again from clients that making the decision to get quality, compassionate legal representation allowed them the opportunity to spend more time focusing on their own needs, and less time worrying about their legal concerns. Restoring the joy in their lives is what I am about.”

Gravis Law is also excited about the addition of Ms. Johnson, her team, and the Social Security Disability practice area. Brett Spooner, founder and CEO of Gravis Law, states:

“Randi Johnson not only brings the energy and drive to grow a new practice area at Gravis Law, but she embodies everything we strive for philosophically. We look forward to bringing this world-class experience and practice area to all our markets and are excited to have Randi and her team at Gravis.”

In addition to Social Security Disability matters, Ms. Johnson’s practice includes estate planning and guardianship, with a focus on disability law-related issues. Ms. Johnson and her team are currently operating out of Lilac City Law’s former offices in the Paulsen Building in downtown Spokane, WA (located at 421 W Riverside Ave.) and will join Gravis Law’s Spokane office location (1309 Dean St., Spokane, WA) in the coming months.

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