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Karen Schweigert as August’s V.I.V. – Very Important Volunteer.


See news release from the Attorneys Volunteer Program:

The VLP is excited to recognize Karen Schweigert as August’s V.I.V. – Very Important Volunteer.

Karen is the senior attorney at Gravis Law where she practices Family Law with the assistance of her paralegal, Cherrish Wood. Karen has been practicing Family Law for 15 years, and she lends her experience to the VLP every week in court at the Status Conference on Thursday mornings. At the Status Conference she helps unrepresented parties finalize their final documents and answers questions they have about the legal process.

Karen also volunteers for the VLP’s advice clinics when the VLP needs an extra volunteer, and she is always available when the VLP has questions. In addition to the clinics, Karen and Cherrish are “having a darn good time” working on the direct representation case from the VLP.

Thank you for all that you do, Karen! The VLP couldn’t do it without you.

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