Jim Kaufman joins Gravis Law, PLLC.

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By Gravis Law

Gravis Law is pleased to announce its recent addition of Jim Kaufman, who will join the Gravis team in Boise as an Attorney in the Estates and Probates practice area. Jim will continue to offer clients exceptional representation as well as provide many of our Gravis team with his mentorship, where he will share his vast experience in probates and estates with the rest of Gravis.

“I chose Gravis Law”, Jim said. “for the reason the attorneys there will be able to continue with the attention and service to the clients I have provided over the years.”

Kaufman comes over to Gravis with over 40 years of experience in estate planning and probate law. Jim spends much of his time helping families transition to the next generation.   

“Family harmony is too easily lost; and helping families maintain good feeling toward each other is a result I am proud to achieve.”, Jim said.

In addition to Kaufman’s many accolades and contributions to the local legal community, Jim co-authored the Conservatorship and Guardianship form book, co-authored the probate form book, developed the Conservatorship and Guardianship information pamphlet for the Idaho State Bar, was an initial member of the Supreme Court Guardianship and Conservatorship Committee that reviews the entire process and suggests the creation of rules and legislation.

“The true test of a family is whether they can rise above their parent’s awkward estate plan and maintain a close relationship.  Sometimes help is needed and I enjoy being there for them.”, Jim said.

Jim says he’s looking forward to this new adventure with Gravis Law, furthering his contributions to the legal field and local communities, and sharing his experience and wisdom with his new colleagues and friends.