Getting stuff done in the days of Coronavirus. How a Special Power of Attorney can help

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By Gravis Law

As the nation, and the world, continues to take action to address the spread of Coronavirus, vulnerable persons are being encouraged to isolate themselves to avoid exposure to potentially fatal illness and travel restrictions may prevent others from travelling, making it difficult to carry out personal and professional commitments.

It is possible that the disruption caused by Coronavirus may cause circumstances where necessary activities and transactions cannot easily be handled because a necessary individual cannot appear in person.  A Special Power of Attorney can give another person limited authority to act on behalf of the person granting the power for a certain period of time.

Special Powers of Attorney are commonly used between spouses when one spouse is travelling or working overseas and the remaining spouse needs to sign paperwork to purchase a home or refinance a mortgage. 

A Special Power of Attorney does not require the principal to be incapacitated.  The authority granted can be very specific and for a defined period of time.  The only requirements in most states is that the document be notarized.

This document can be useful for a person who wants to avoid unnecessary exposure to illness or for people unable to appear in person due to travel restrictions or illness.

If you or a family member have a specific need where having an agent able to sign documents or take care of a specific matter would be helpful, please contact an attorney to see if a Special Power of Attorney would work for you.