Proclamation clarifying driver hour exemptions for commercial drivers

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Proclamation 20-22 – Truck driver Hours
Proclamation 20-22 states and clarifies that motor carriers and drivers of commercial motor vehicles collecting or delivering essential food and emergency supplies in Washington State for:

  1. Grocery purposes, including but not limited to pet food and supplies;
  2. Medical supplies and equipment;
  3. Pharmaceuticals; or
  4. Petroleum fuels, other liquid fuels, natural or synthetic fuel gas, solid carbonaceous fuels, and electricity and natural gas system equipment components, including but not limited to, fissionable nuclear material.
    Are exempt from application of driver hours of services rules in 49 CFR § 395, adopted pursuant to RCW 46.32.020 and WAC 446-65-010, until midnight on April 17, 2020.
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