Wendy M Gehrig

File Clerk

Richland, WA

Family Law, Staff

Phone: 509-380-9102

About Wendy M Gehrig

Wendy has been a resident of the Tri-Cities since 1988. Her place of birth and previous hometown is Olympia, Washington.

Wendy’s prior work history includes administrative support in the hospital industry (19 yrs), project management in advertising (2 yrs), hospitality support (10 yrs accumulative) and co-owner/management of a construction company (16 yrs).

She is married to Dave, and has three children and eight grandchildren.

Wendy loves the Tri-Cities, the weather, the rivers, the people. She loves to hike, walk, and look for the best vantage point to see the sunsets. She continues to be regularly involved in volunteer work with her congregation.