Success comes from knowing that you did your best to become the best that you are capable of becoming.
–John Wooden

Michael Prince


Yakima, WA
Phone: 509-380-9785

Mike earned his Juris Doctorate from Seattle University School of Law in 2003 while splitting time between being a full-time student and a new dad.As an intern during law school he found his niche working in criminal defense and discovered that law was much more exciting than as portrayed on TV. After graduation Mike opened a law firm where he gained experience in private and public defense cases, family law, and civil litigation. He recognized that one of his biggest strengths was being able to empathize with clients experiencing the worst moments of their lives. He has always focused on making sure that his clients feel comfortable and receive the highest quality of representation possible.

During his tenure as a solo practitioner, law firm partner and public defender, Mike has accumulated years of litigation experience throughout much of Western and Eastern Washington. He has successfully defended clients in Municipal, District, Superior and Federal Courts, while litigating well over 100 jury trials, ranging from DUI charges to Aggravated Murder. For seven years he and his firm headed the public defense office in Okanogan County, where he supervised and trained attorneys while simultaneously handling his own caseload.He currently practices law and resides in the Yakima Valley.

Mike is a native of Los Angeles, California and graduated from Curtis High School in University Place, Washington.He is a twin, has brothers in Washington and California and enthusiastically roots for all UCLA sports. He believes in working hard and playing just as hard, and is passionate about hiking, mountain climbing, hunting, football and basketball.

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